Gold IRA For Your Retirement

In the last few years more and more people have been taking advantage of the Gold IRA Rollover. Rolling over to Gold IRA is a pretty simple process that allows you to move a proportion of your retirement fund from existing IRA’s or former 401K’s that you have from previous employers buy purchasing gold, silver and other precious metals as part of your retirement portfolio. Regal Assets can assist you with all your IRA needs, the image below gives a brief overview of Regal Assets.about regal assetsIf you would like to rollover to gold IRA it is an IRS approved process and you will incur no taxes and it is hassle free. A Gold IRA account works in exactly the same way as a normal IRA the only difference is you will own physical gold coins and bars instead of just paper assets. The gold coins and bars will be stored securely in an IRS approved vault and will be released to you when you reach your retirement age, you can then get them sold for cash or have them shipped to you directly.

This type of transaction is great for anyone who owns a Roth, Traditional or Simple IRA account. Other accounts that are eligible for Gold IRA Rollover are:

403b, 401k or 457 Deferred Compensation Plan

Thrift Savings Plans

Pension Plans

Non-prototype IRA


Beneficiary IRA

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Regal Assets are the industry leader they can take care of the full process for you as they have a full department dedicated to Gold IRA Rollover. Regal Assets have a great track record helping their clients through the rollover process without any hassle. Gold is a great safeguard against the weakening dollar and the volatility of the stock markets this precious metal will protect your retirement accounts better than anything else. If you are interested you can get a no-obligation consultation with one of Regal Assets Gold IRA specialists.

Regal Assets have a A+ Rating with BBB (Better Business Bureau) as it explains in the video below You can check it out here

Gold IRA Account Option

Self-directed Individual Retirement Account or IRA lets you physically own precious metals such as gold in a tax-deferred account. You can now have a physical asset within your retirement portfolio instead of relying on more risky options such as bonds and stocks. With a Self-directed IRA you get full control over what physical precious metal’s you buy. Regardless of the precious metal you choose whether it be palladium, platinum, silver or gold it will be stored securely within an IRS approved depository until the day you retire.

The history of Gold IRA Investing

Between the years 1986 and 1998 there was a limit on IRA accounts making it impossible to buy palladium and platinum you could only invest in gold and silver American Eagles. The 1998 IRS tax code changes made it possible to hold other precious metals in your IRA. Now you can hold any of the metals preciously mentioned metals in an IRA as long as they meet the criteria and fineness requirements.

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How simple is it to make a Gold IRA transaction?

If you work with Regal Assets to add precious metals to your current IRA it is a simple process and is hassle free to you the client. You have the option to transfer a portion of your IRA account or all of it to a new Self Directed Gold IRA. This simple procedure is known as a direct transfer or direct rollover. The IRS allows you to move funds between IRA’s free of any taxes or charges.

Anyone who has a retirement plan from a previous employer like a 403b, 457b, 401k or a thrift saving plan can easily transfer it tax free by simply requesting a rollover. In almost all cases it only takes one simple phone call to rollover your current retirement plan directly into your new Gold IRA account.


The Best Gold IRA Companies

When I decided I wanted to invest in Gold IRA I searched high and low on the internet for the best IRA Company to help me investing in gold. I dint find what I was looking for right away I spent many hours looking for a good company I could trust. I am the type of guy that will research for hours first before making a decision on something important like this. The company I ended up choosing had great customer service and they are one of the most reputable Gold IRA companies in the USA, you can check there profile here on the Better Business Bureau or watch the video below.

By researching on the internet you have already taken a big step to securing your retirement and financial stability. Investing in precious metals can seem pretty daunting at first I know this from personal experience. I hope this article will assist you greatly and help you make some good decisions that suite you and your financial situation. I have already researched the best company you can use to invest in Gold IRA so that is one less thing for you to think about.

The company I recommend and the company I used for my retirement fund is Regal Assets they have a gold investing kit and you can get it sent out to you for FREE, when you read it you will see why I am so excited about this company. I hope that he information in the pack combined with this information I have compiled on my website since investing in Gold IRA myself will help you make the best decision possible and ultimately make an investment in Gold IRA.
How the typical American family finds the best Gold IRA Company

My name is Mike. I live in a small house with 2 amazing daughters and 2 dogs. In many ways I am the typical American man. The one exception to this is I own gold coins and bullion in an IRA Account managed by Regal Assets.

In order to teach my friends and family and local community about the benefits of investing in Gold IRA I created this website. My main aim was to give all my readers as much information as possible about Gold IRA they you could decide for yourself if it was right for you.

Should you make an investment in Gold IRA?

Either its right for you or it isn’t only you can decide after getting as much info as you can from this website and from your FREE Gold Investment Kit. It seems quite apparent to me if you mare reading this website you are thinking about investing in Gold IRA. You just need a little push to help you invest wisely. I am more than happy to help you with that. I have already done a lot of the hard work by finding the best Gold IRA Company in USA.
Helping my friends and family make good investments.

The government has put us in a lot of financial strife lately and my goal is not to become richer than my friends and family but to sleep well at night in the knowledge that I am protected financially. I find it very rewarding introducing my family and friends to Regal Assets. Owning an asset that is globally recognized as having high value and being very stable gives me a comfortable feeling. It’s also a very good feeling to know I don’t have to rely on our failing system and a depreciating dollar for my retirement.


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